SCWCD 1.4 Books Study Guide - Professional SCWCD Certification (Wrox Publications)

Book Description

This book is a complete, definitive study guide for gaining a certification pass in the Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) exam (310-080). Each chapter is structured around one section of the exam objectives and follows it closely. This helps you to focus on learning what is necessary for the exam without surrounding clutter. By the end of each chapter you will have the knowledge required to answer any question on the subject that could appear in the exam. A revision sheet and exam-standard questions follow each chapter to further reinforce the topics in that chapter.

What's more, the book has been design to be useful beyond the study period. All the objectives are explained using real-world examples so that your can come back to the book for reference. In addition to this, the book contains a large case study that will integrate all the topics and objective you have learned through the rest of the book. Java web applications are more than a disparate collection of topics and as such the case study pulls together all the topics in the book to give some context to the whole technology.

The book provides all that you will need to become a fully certified, professional Java web developer.

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